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"For me, it became apparent that SFH[i]YCD was essentially a graduate course in poker [...]" -Chad Holloway

"It is unlike anything I have seen from any author or video producer in all of my poker studies, and it is very impressive to work through." -Logan "LTT777" Terry

"What sets Jon's product apart is, unsurprisingly if you've ever read any of his posts on [the Two Plus Two forums], his incredible attention to detail." -Daniel "Keyser." Haase

"[...] if you're willing to study and work through hand after hand alongside a great poker mind, SFHiYCD is a rewarding experience, and definitely worth the buy." -Isaac "starvingwriter82" Jourden (follow-up)

"If [Two Plus Two Publishing's] books are walking tours, Smashing [Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk] is a callisthenic routine." -Gareth Chantler

"Ten hours of deliberate study into this thing I thought I was on the cusp of something new, something remarkable, and something astounding.... the problem was, I was also seeing that with so much more material to go through, I was only scratching the surface." -Tim "Color Up" Collins

"[...] I would put SFH[iYCD] up there with those college assignments that made your brain hurt [...]" -"eurodp"

"I feel that the depth of its content is comparable to the depth that one might find in an advanced calculus book [...] I feel the same way about the focus required to study the material absorbing it fully." -"mlurker"

"I enjoyed this product and feel that it can definitely benefit a 50NL-200NL player immensely." -David "orange" Yee

"SFHiYCD is a product that emphasizes that every spot in poker is important." -"SA16"

"[...] the advice is extremely good [...]" -Philip "RedJoker" Weedle

"[...] for the first time in [a thread on the Two Plus Two Forums,] I might actually declare one of these [expensive educational poker] products worthwhile [...]" -"Honey Badger"


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